In 2016, we began identifying children in families who could benefit from support for educational school fees.

These children are change-makers in their families, with a desire to create an impact in Kenya. 100

Humanitarians International currently sponsors 25 children of all ages in 8 different locations in Kenya.


Education is everything in Kenya. However, if a student graduates, there is no guarantee that they will get a job, or go on to University. We began supporting youth in education in 2016, and now have 25 current students and 3 graduates. The school year in Kenya is from January to October, with a two month break during November and December. That is a time in Kenya where girls are particularly vulnerable to female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage. While our goal is not to end those practices, because we believe that the tribes are doing that themselves, we do support grassroots organizations and initiatives that are run in Kenya to end this. 

Our November expedition team has the opportunity to bring some of the students we support on our trip. We do this in an effort to mentor them, and allow them to “pay it forward” by working on projects with us. We are also building the training and cultural centers to provide opportunities for these students to volunteer their time in exchange for their school fees. We help educate boys and girls of all ages from Primary School to Secondary School. We choose the students from the families and the communities we work in, and typically support the school fees of the oldest child, so that they have the opportunity to help with younger siblings at a future date. 

The Rescue Centre Girls

We first visited the rescue centre in the Fall of 2017, when we donated Days for Girls kits, toothbrushes, and toothpaste provided by local dentists in the U.S. We have since visited every trip, and for the past year, we have sponsored four girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive an education. The founder of the rescue centre works with the families to ensure that the girls will not be married at an early age if they help with their education. We are able to visit with the girls we support on an annual basis, and have had the opportunity to visit their school as well. They are darling girls who are always so kind and loving and grateful for our support. 

Narok County

Many of our students are in Narok County, including Ntulele, Talek, and the Maasai Mara. Fred and Ndee are two students who have been with us on expeditions, and helped us with projects. They were two of the first students we began supporting in 2016. Fred is graduating this year, and Ndee just started Form 3 (junior year of high school.) We are also involved with both families, providing elements of the Business Box program. Fred and Ndee will both have the opportunity to help 100 Humanitarians in the future with our projects and training. 

Bomet County

When we started working in Bomet County in 2016, we chose to sponsor 5 students. Three of those students have graduated, and are part of a program at the Tabby Training Center in Bomet to teach literacy to their parents. The mothers of the students help us with projects in Bomet, including gardening and tree planting, and joined us in 2018 for our dedication ceremony for the training center that we helped build. As we continue to develop our Youth Education program, we are excited to add more training centers in communities where there is great need for skills and education.