Sustainable Food Programs

The core of what we do is to help families develop self-reliance through our sustainable food programs.

Sustainable Food Programs

The Problem:

Almost 1.5 million people in Kenya alone are facing acute hunger, with 10 million Kenyans living below the poverty line. Many of the people suffering the most are children. In some communities, children are existing on two cups of milk per day, if they are lucky. While many families in rural Kenya have access to land, they don’t have the resources to grow food on the land, because of their lack of access to water and tools.

Our goal is to help bring families out of extreme poverty through our sustainable food program.

How We Create Positive Change:

When we began our expeditions in 2016, our goal was to work directly with families. We created our “Business Box for Families” program, which starts with vertical garden towers. The garden towers are a way to bring nutrition quickly to a family, because just one will provide 5-8 meals a week of vegetables to a family of four. $20 will provide the vertical garden tower and seedlings to grow kale and spinach.

Families are able to grow their own food, and work with our teams to learn stewardship. As they progress in our Garden Tower program, they can earn the next level, which is a Micro-chicken enterprise. This is where they are able to start a small business, raising chickens and selling eggs in the local markets. As their chicken coop grows, so does their income! $50 provides 5 egg laying chickens and a rooster for a family, along with the mentoring to help it be successful.

And finally, we provide a pregnant goat for the family after they have shown that they are willing to work with us in our self-reliance program. They are able to sell the milk, and within 18 months to 2 years in our program, they are able to rise above extreme poverty. We breed goats at our training centers in Bomet and Nkareta to donate to families in the local communities, so when you buy a goat for $60, you are helping us grow our farm to help more families!

How you can help:

We are looking for partners, both one time and monthly, who will donate to this project to help move it forward. For as little as $20, you can help a family on their path to self-reliance. By becoming a monthly donor, you can help a family each month! 100% of your donation goes to the project you choose.

You can also join us on an expedition, where you can meet the families we are helping, experience the beautiful culture of Kenya, and go on an epic game drive in the #1 safari destination in the world!

Success Story:

We met Mercy in 2016, when she was working for a local farmer cutting vegetables for less than $1 a day. She was raising her children in extreme poverty, and was unable to pay her son’s school fees. We agreed that we would sponsor Vincent, and she agreed to work with us in our self-reliance program. Since then, Mercy has been able to use the gardens, chickens, and goats to start her own business. She has sold vegetables in a kiosk, learned to sew reusable feminine hygiene kits, and is part of the team that is sewing Garden Towers. Her son, Vincent, graduated from high school, and is now running our Garden Team in Bomet, as well as managing our bee projects. He has been accepted to a tailoring school. Mercy proudly reports that her monthly income is over $100 and she is able to provide for her family and pay the school fees for her other children.

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