What is a Sew-a-Thon?

In the Fall of 2017, Marissa Waldrop asked if she could make a pattern that would help women and girls in Kenya. We decided that creating a pattern to teach women and girls to sew their own underwear would be a way that we could help them in multiple ways, including learning sewing skills. The pattern Marissa created is simple! It’s just three pieces, with no elastic required. We got together at a sew-a-thon to make the pattern, when we were featured on the Mountain America Pay it Forward Program.

A few months later, we partnered with Infinite Vision Clothing, an organization with Apparel that Creates Awareness and Change. We have expanded the program to sew additional items:

* Underwear out of knit fabric for girls in rescue centers in Kenya
* T-shirt dresses for our Rescue Kits for Girls
* T-shirt bags for women to use to carry the things they need (plastic bags are banned in Kenya!)
* HopeSaC Thermal Cookers to save fuel and time cooking for women in Kenya, Haiti, Ecuador and Mexico

We host regular Sew-a-Thons now to bring local communities together in a “Serve Local – Give Global” campaign. We also promote them as a way to help people who are suffering from depression and mental health issues give back in a way that is supportive, and connect with people who also want to serve.