What does it really mean to “empower” a woman or girl? After several expeditions to Kenya, working with

women and families, we realized that empowerment to them means tools that help them get more done in

their day.


After several expeditions trying different projects, 100 Humanitarians International settled on what we like to call “The Core Four”. These four programs include Women Initiatives, Youth Education, Mentoring Families, and Training & Cultural Centers. On each expedition, we include something from each of The Core Four to continue moving forward in the promises we are making to ourselves, our organization, and the communities we work in. 

Our projects are chosen by our Community Directors, who are in Kenya, and can guide and direct what needs to be done. We are so grateful and blessed to have them on our team, and could not do this work without them! 

Christine Sakali is our Kenyan Director for our Women’s Initiatives Program. Along with Marissa Waldrop, her U.S. counterpart, the coordinate on all of our different sewing projects. We provide 1000 Days for Girls Kits per year, made by our teams in Kenya. We also provide underwear, t-shirt bags, t-shirt dresses, rescue kits, first aid and sewing kits to girls at a rescue center we work with on each expedition. 

Education is everything in Kenya. However, if a student graduates, there is no guarantee that they will get a job, or go on to University. We began supporting youth in education in 2016, and now have 27 current students and 6 graduates. The school year in Kenya is from January to October, with a two month break during November and December when girls are vulnerable to Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage. 

At the core of what we do is to support the family. We believe that the best way to support a student as they are going through their education, is to mentor their family in self-reliance and economic development, so that they all progress together. We have worked with over 100 families in Kenya with our Business Box for Families program, and have taught stewardship and business skills to families in 8 different communities. 

From the beginning, we started planning to build training and cultural centers in Kenya, to provide a central location in each community to mentor and train families. As of January 2020, we have built two training centers, in Bomet and Nkareta, and have broken ground on the Emparnat Cultural Centre on the Maasai Mara. Our goal is to fulfill our mission of preserving the traditions and culture of indigenous tribes in Kenya. 


I’ve been to Kenya twice now and I can’t wait to go back later this year! From teaching skills to building garden towers and training centers together to make and impact, 100 Humanitarians has it right. I have been changed for the better from my experiences. Kenya has my heart, the people are amazing and welcoming. I’ve learned so much from them.

If you have the chance, come be part of this wonderful organization.

Marissa W.

My daughters and I just returned from our expedition with 100 Humanitarians a week ago and will be forever changed from the experience. We’re already talking about when we can go back!
What I love about this organization is that they truly create self reliance within the communities they work with. It really is about giving them a “hand up” rather than just a hand out. I can’t wait to see the continued progress in upcoming expeditions.
I also can’t say enough how much we appreciated their team IN Kenya. Christine, Anita, Moses, David, John, and David…all of whom made the experience even much more special as they shared personal stories, taught us about their culture and saw to our safety and comfort. ?

Millie H.

I was told that I would go to Kenya to serve the people there but would soon discover that Kenya would serve me and my 13 year old son.

That was exactly what happened. I laughed, cried, and loved the Kenyan people. We helped them to build garden boxes, build fences and assisted them in creating sustainable resources that would help them year after year.

I love the fact that this organization doesn’t simply give a hand out but gives a hand up instead. Helping the Kenyan people feel empowered to help themselves fosters a sense of independence and success- which is what the people want.

These beautiful people love with their whole heart. They want to improve their situations and allow future generations a better life.

Wendy B.