We focus on teaching self-reliance.

Our Core Four Projects

We are grateful to have identified four areas that we can really serve families in Kenya!

An ineffable experience only made real by the feelings that envelop my heart. May 2016 held so much growth for me.

Love, Gratitude, Emotion, Smiles, and Hugs. Those 5 words, I learned, are synonymous with: Kenya, Narok, Eselenkei and Tenkes Schools, and the Maasai Mara villages.   Heidi truly brought to life all of the hopes and expectations in the value of service work. David and Moses are two Gentleman I owe a great thanks to, for always making me feel safe and being endowed with such vast knowledge!  The education, the fortitude, and the empowerment that Heidi, Moses, and David exude is unparalleled. I had the notion  I was going there to teach people. In reality, the Kenyan people taught me the invaluable lessons of Love, Strength, and Hope. “mpaka wakati ujao”  Ashe Oleng, Rafiki’s!


Our Stories

Deep in the heart of 100 Humanitarians are our stories.
Stories of joy. Stories of sorrow. Stories of heartbreak. Stories of fear.
Stories of love. Always love.

The Start of Self-Reliance

The jeeps rumbled up the mountain, winding on bumpy dirt roads. Out the windows were fields of green interrupted by rectangular dung huts baked hard in the African sun, several of them with brightly colored cloth drying on a fence. Everything was so new to us. Life is...

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Pulling Garden Weeds in Kenya

Going to Joyce’s house was one of my favorite days of our November trip. She is open, hopeful, helpful, and kind. Not only did we get the chance to pull garden weeds and plant her garden, we had the opportunity to teach children about the benefit of hard work. There...

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Building Joyce’s Water Containment System

Joyce is the mother of one of our Kenya team members, Muneria. During our November expedition we were able to visit her, see how her garden was growing, and build a water containment system. The area had quite a drought in our absence, but she had still made the best...

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