Ntulele, Kenya

Ntulele, Kenya is an area of the Narok-Maai Mahiu road that you will encounter as you drive from Nairobi to Narok. There are beautiful acacia trees, and during the rainy season it is green with large farms growing wheat and corn. There is a peacefulness that you feel as you drive along the road, that may be attributed to Mount Suswa, an active volcano that dominates over the Great Rift Valley. If you are adventurous, you can hire a Maasai guide to take you up to the caves, driving past small Maasai villages tucked away in solitude.

We began our service in Ntulele in November 2016 by donating a cow to a woman named Elizabeth, who is facing life alone with her daughters after her husband was put in prison. Since then, we have donated three additional cows and goats, built 12 garden boxes for four families in the area, and are expanding to two families who live on the edge of The Mau Forest.

The Oiboos

The Oiboo family has two wives and 16 children, some of whom are in school, some in University. We first visited them in the Fall of 2016 and donated a goat named Becci Goat. We like to name the animals we donate after the people who donate them! Then our Kenya team donated a cow in between our expeditions, and we went back to visit in March and June of 2017 to build garden boxes. When we last visited the Oiboos in Fall 2017, they had expanded their garden, fenced off new areas to grow vegetables, and were helping some of their extended family members go to school. Our next step is to have them help mentor additional families in the area.



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Pastor Ben & Mary

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The Muntets


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I traveled to Kenya, Africa this past year in 2017 and what I gained from this experience was perspective. It also humbled me in a way I didn’t realize it could. I left Utah because I was mad at my ex for leaving me for another women. I was mad at the world and I felt lost, what do I do now. I can’t leave because I don’t have money, I dont have time. Well I found the time, I found the money and I left. The people I met, the friends I made and the experience I gained in just 10 days will last me a lifetime. It humbled me in a way that you can’t even describe, you can’t even imagine. You just have to go to Africa to find out.

I found myself in Africa. But what I will tell you is that these families are so grateful to have you come to their homes, they will give you gifts, and food. Maybe even chicken. They will give you something even if they don’t have it to give. The are willing to learn, they are eager to listen. They don’t know what they don’t know. This is why I believe in 100 Humanitarians is because it takes 100 hands to make a difference. We have to work together to change. The more hands and people involved the bigger the impact.


Our Stories

Deep in the heart of 100 Humanitarians are our stories.
Stories of joy. Stories of sorrow. Stories of heartbreak. Stories of fear.
Stories of love. Always love.

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