Mentoring Families in Self-Reliance

At the core of what we do is to support the family. We believe that the best way to support a student as they are going through their education, is to mentor their family in self-reliance and economic development, so that they all progress together. We have worked with over 100 families in Kenya with our Business Box for Families program, and have taught stewardship and business skills to families in 8 different communities. 

Business Box for Families

Our focus as an organization is to help families with economic development and self-reliance all over the world. Our projects are currently centered in Kenya, but our methods are duplicatable and can be implemented anywhere. 

We begin with teaching stewardship through gardening, which is a low-cost start up program that allows us to see if the family is willing to really work with us. The goal is to grow the garden for food, and sell the excess to help the family with additional supplies. We typically work with families who fall below the poverty line of living on less than $1.90/day. Through our training, we hope to bring them out of extreme poverty, and create sustainability. 

When a family shows good stewardship in growing the gardens, we provide them with a rooster and 5 chickens to start a small chicken breeding program. As an example, one family that we did this with grew their chickens to 40, and are now selling up to 35 eggs each day at 10 cents per egg. 

When a family can sell 35 eggs each day, they are now out of extreme poverty and above the poverty line, but we continue to expand with goats for milk as well as cows. 

While we continue to fundraise for these programs, we have launched a breeding program for chickens, goats and cows at the training center we built in Nkareta, Kenya. We started with 3 cows, 5 goats, and 50 chickens. We also have a community garden with 40 garden towers. 

We are now up to 9 cows, 36 goats, and 103 chickens. The money generated from this goes to help support the training center initiatives like fabric to sew school uniforms, and school fees for families. 

The Business Box for Families consists of gardens, chickens, goats, and cows, given to families along with mentoring and education on how to use the resources to generate the most income possible for their families.

With our partnership with The USANA Foundation, we have been able to provide over 500 families with garden towers since Fall of 2019. 


Meet the Families

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