Expedition One – May 2016

Locations: Nairobi, Narok, The Mau Forest, The Maasai Mara
Objectives: Days for Girls Workshops, Building desks for Tenkes School,
Mentoring Families, Village Visit, Soccer equipment donations, Children’s Home Visit, Safari
Team Members: 13
Team Name: #VeryDangerousHuh

In May 2016, we embarked on our first expedition to Kenya, Africa with 100 Humanitarians. Our team consisted of 13 Americans, and over the course of two weeks, we met and built relationships with hundreds of Kenyans. Many members of our team had never been outside of the United States, and this was their first time traveling with a passport!

Kenya, Africa – Expedition #1 – Day One

KARIBU KENYA, AFRICA - 100 Humanitarians International After two trips to Kenya, Africa, I was ready to lead my first official expedition to Kenya. Turns out so many people wanted to go, that I stayed in Kenya for two back to back trips with 13...

The Giraffe Centre – Expedition #1 – Day Two

Kenya, Africa - The Giraffe Centre & The Elephant Orphanage Kenya, Africa - We woke up after a decent night of sleep to a lovely breakfast at our hotel, followed by an excursion to The Elephant Orphanage and The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi....