Welcome to Humanijam: A Celebration of Humanity! We are so excited to have you join us on our virtual expedition. Throughout the expedition, you will learn about what we are doing in Kenya from the people who are leading our projects. We hope that you will feel inspired to help contribute to our efforts.

100% of your donation goes to help families achieve self-reliance! 

Do you want to go to Kenya? 

100 Humanitarians International has taken over 200 people to Kenya on expeditions that include working side by side with families, teaching economic development and self-reliance in 8 different communities. 

This year, you will have the opportunity to go on a “Virtual Expedition” with our team!

 – We will begin with an orientation and overview of the challenges facing the families in our communities. Our Expedition Host, Moses Masoi, will share with you the projects that you will be helping with, and introducing you to our team. 

 – We will then wind our way through the Great Rift Valley to our first community, where we will build garden towers with families, and learn about how our Business Boxes for Families program can help create sustainability and income. 

 – Many girls run from challenges like early marriage (as young as 9 years old) to rescue centers, and for our next stop, we will visit a rescue center where we are sponsoring 6 girls as an organization with school fees so that they can finish their education. 

 – Our next stop is in Nkareta, where we have built an earth bag training center for entrepreneurship. Meet the women who are learning to sew school uniforms, and walk goats and cows down the road to our pens where they will be used to create income for additional community projects. 

 – Meet the “Bob Marley” of Kenya! Lemarti is a Samburu warrior who also happens to be an incredible musician. He will perform for us at a sundowner later as we wrap up our safari with the Maasai.

 – Is going on safari in the #1 safari destination in the world on your bucket list? You will have the opportunity to learn about the animals from our warriors as we jeep through the Maasai Mara. Make sure you watch out for The Big 5! We will also visit a Maasai Village, where you will be greeted by the warriors with music, dance, and a jumping competition. 

Humanijam 2020 was streamed live on July 12, 2020, the 5th anniversary of 100 Humanitarians International!


What is the power of 100 people working together on any project in the world to create positive change? 


How to eliminate global hunger at a grassroots level in families around the world.

How to celebrate and embrace diversity, and how to teach the next generation by our daily actions.

How we can be leaders in our own families and communites to create positive change.

About 100 Humanitarians International

What is the power of 100 people working together on any project in the world to create positive change? We are taking 100 people to Kenya in 2020. Will you be one of them? 

We are a community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals around the world collaborating to create opportunities, both locally and internationally, for self-reliance, education, and economic development. We are committed to sustainable projects that support communities, and preserve the culture of indigenous tribes. 

Our Mission

“To mentor families globally through education and entrepreneurship in an effort to eliminate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional poverty, while preserving culture and tradition.”

Families in Kenya don’t need a handout, they need a hand up. We go a bit deeper by joining hands and teaching each other. We teach families how to leverage their resources through economic development and self-reliance. They teach us about love, gratitude, simplicity, and joy. 

If you arrived here, it’s because you were led here. You know that the best personal development is found when serving others. Our expeditions will take you deep into the heart of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and you will experience two years of personal development in two weeks. Are you ready?

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