Get Involved

We have created a really easy and fun project called Quarters for Kids (or Kits) in Kenya.

1. Pick something you want to fundraise for (Days for Girls, School Fees, Business Boxes – cow, goat, chickens, garden boxes, trees, water storage systems, water filters)

2. Pick a date range that you want to fundraise. We recommend a week to ten days.

3. Set a goal. If your child or family raises $500 or more, he/she will get 100 Humanitarians swag!

4. Gather quarters! From family, friends, neighbors – whomever!

5. Take it to the bank to get exchanged for dollars, and make a tax-deductible donation to 100 Humanitarians International via PayPal or check.

Super easy! We can even make customized flyers for you to use!