Never complete. Never whole.

White skin and an African soul. – Michelle Frost


Each expedition with 100 Humanitarians International is unique! You will spend 10 days on the ground in Kenya, combining humanitarian projects with families and tourist experiences from the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to a majestic safari on the Maasai Mara. Each day you will wake up a little dirtier, and full of gratitude. A day in Kenya feels like a week!

We like to tell people that they will experience two years worth of personal development in less than two weeks. Your heart will be transformed, and all of your senses engaged. This is truly an immersion expedition.

Once you choose to join us, you will go through a complete training, with all of the details you will need to make this the experience of a lifetime. We run three trips per year to Kenya, with a maximum participant number of 21.

Our itineraries change each expedition, based on the humanitarian projects that we choose to take on as a group. They can include garden boxes, water storage systems, training workshops, tree planting, and building homes for families. Many people return for another expedition because of the relationships that they develop with the families we serve.

We begin in The Mau Region of Kenya, in the beautiful highlands, where most travelers never venture. You will experience big cities, dusty and busy towns, lush and gorgeous mountain views, and then we head home to the Maasai Mara, where it is normal to see giraffes and zebras by the side of the road.

We hope to see you on an expedition soon!

My husband and I went to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians this year and we are amazed at the way they served the people of Bomet and the Masai Mara. We not only built garden boxes but taught the people how to do so to become self sufficient. We also took part in building a training/mentoring center next to the sewing center. We set up a water project on the Mara. We taught and mentored the young men and young women students in a secondary school and at a girls shelter leaving many “Days for Girls” kits so the young girls can stay in school during their time of the month and continue their education. Definitely a worthy cause. All proceeds we donated went to the people we served and projects we worked on. I would totally go again! A life changing experience!

Pamela A.

Truly Amazing!!
I was so very blessed to have the opportunity to go to Kenya with them earlier this year and was truly humbled not only by Heidi and the entire organization but by the amazing people in Kenya!! Thank you David and Moses and the group I was able to serve with!! All those involved and the volunteers for each expedition are amazing and bring life changing experiences to all involved.

I have some health issues and was worried about slowing them down and didn’t want to be a burden but was told that I was not to worry about it and that they would love to have me on their team. Although, I am sure that they served me more than I served them I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to go, serve and bless those around me! Thank you all for the amazing opportunity and yes…. can’t wait to go again!

I love serving as a volunteer and would love to serve on their board someday as they are truly making a difference in the world.

Lori M.

I’ve fallen in love with the work we do in Kenya. On both trips of which I’ve been a part, I’ve witnessed the pure love of spirit touching spirit. When we donated a cow to one lady, the entire village came out to greet us with a song of thanks that we could hear a quarter mile away. You can’t imagine what an incredibly life-altering experience that is! On the other trip, we built fences for garden areas to keep out livestock (think chickens and goats) and let the plants thrive. And thrive they did!

Oh yes … and safari. Never a bad thing. 🙂

Please, won’t you join us?

Chris M.

I took my family to work with this incredible organization just a couple weeks ago. Their connection with the community, their ability to have everyone actively participate, the culture…. everything was incredible. I worked hard, saw incredible sights, cried and built new friendships. My daughter’s (ages 8 and almost 10) were inspired and loved the experience as much as I did. We plan on volunteering next year as well.

Lynn M.

I went to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians just a few weeks ago and took my 11 year old daughter. Not only did it give her confidence I have not seen in her in years, but she made lifelong friends and saw what it was really like to serve and make an impact. It will be the first of many trips for me becuase of the impact these beautiful people have had on me and the impact and relationship I want to continue to have with them. There is such much good that this organization is doing. On our trip we did projects in Bomet painting a learning center and planting trees along side the local people. We visited a Girls Rescue Center, and taught them how to make their own underwear from used tshirts. We went to a school and taught and gave out Days for Girls kits and played with the children. We went to the Maasai village and spent time learning from their culture and building relationships and playing with the children. We built a fence for Mama Helen and saw how beautifully she improved on the gardens she was given weeks before. We built several tower gardens, planted more trees, and threw seed balls to establish more families, schools, and organizations.
You go to Kenya to serve, and you leave Kenya with pieces of your heart left behind and a new outlook on life and the things that really matter. I can’t wait to go again!

Jentrey P.