You have not lived today until you have done something for someone

who can never repay you.


There are two projects that we fund on a monthly basis, and we would like to have 100 people donating monthly to each of these projects. If we can build up to that, we will be able to fund these projects completely ever year! 

Days for Girls Kits

100 Humanitarians International has committed to funding 1000 kits per year for girls through the two Days for Girls Enterprises we partner with in Kenya. Each kit is $10, and it can last for up to three years. A Days for Girls kit provides reusable feminine hygiene for women and girls. We provide the kits to schools and rescue centers each year in the communities we support, and that allows a girl to stay in school while menstruating. Since we began this program at Bondeni School in 2017, the absentee rate for menstruating girls has gone to 0%.

When you click on the button to donate, it will ask you to toggle a “Make this a monthly donation” checkbox. 

Educational School Fees for 25 Students

We sponsor 25 students at a time with educational school fees, and the students are chosen based on need from the families we are working with. The age range is from Kindergarten to Form 4, which is a Senior in Secondary School. We meet all of our students, and do assessments each term on their performance. When we are on an expedition and school is out, we invite select students to join us and participate in our projects, so that they can give back to 100 Humanitarians International, and learn what we are doing in their communities.