What Impact Can You Make for a Women, Youth, and Families?

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At this time, 100 Humanitarians International is funded by one time and monthly donations from people who want to support our projects and initiatives. We are so grateful for the help, and wouldn’t be able to do it without the donations (both large and small) that regularly come in.

We are so grateful for your help and support! 

Donation Options: 

Choose any amount to apply where most needed.

Under $50 Donation Impact

$10 – Days for Girls Reusable Hygiene Kit

$15 – Soccer Equipment for Boys

$20 – Garden Towers for Families

Under $100 Donation Impact

$50 – Micro-chicken Project for a Family

$60 – Goat for a Family

$75 – Beehive for a Community

$100+ Donation Impact

$100 – 1000 Liter Water Storage Tank for a Family

$150 to 600 – School Fees for One Student for a Year

$250 or more – Sponsor a Building Project
 – Emparnat Cultural Centre
 – Chicken Coop
 – Goat Pen
 – Bee Structure

Your donation is tax-deductible.