You have not lived today until you have done something for someone

who can never repay you.

Become an Ambassador by donating $10/month (or more!) and get perks, swag, and VIP upgrades at our events! 

We have multiple ways to contribute, and not all of them include financial donations. Our goal is to provide opportunities for community involvement, and we do that through a variety of events, including sew-a-thons and Savers drives. 

If you would like to make a donation, you have the option of one time, or monthly! Here are some of the ways that you can support our projects. 100% of your donations goes towards the project you choose! 

Choose a Project!

Each reusable feminine hygiene kit will keep a girl in school for 3-4 years. It also provides an income for families who work in the sewing centers we support in Kenya.

100% of your donation to school fees goes to the 27 students we support in Kenya, both Primary School and Secondary School age. At the end of 2020, we will have had 10 graduates! 

The HopeSaC Project shares the technique of retained heat cooking to benefit families through savings of health, time and money. The key to success is education in Kenya. 

When you donate a garden, you are providing an opportunity for a family to grow their own food. They learn stewardship, nutrition, and they can sell excess vegetables for income. 

When you give a goat to a family, you are providing milk for them to drink and they can sell the excess. One goat makes a difference. Two goats change their income! 

A chicken enterprise consists of one rooster, and five egg-laying chickens for a family. They are taught to breed the chickens and sell the eggs to increase their income. 

Water is life, and in the communities we work in, it is also scarce. Building a rainwater capture system can make a huge difference during the dry season for clean water for a family.

In 2020 we are building a training center, computer lab, and guest houses for our teams to be closer to the families we are supporting. Your sponsorship can help build our legacy! 

We often take students to Kenya, who work hard to fundraiser for their trips, but could use a little help! When you donate to expeditions, you help create future humanitarians.