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100 Humanitarians is passionate about helping ensure that girls around the world have access to reusable feminine hygiene kits. Our current focus is Kenya, Africa, where we support Christine Khamasi and the Zariel Days for Girls Enterprise.

I’m 45 years old. When I was 12 years old I started to menstruate and my mum had left me to stay with my grandmother. Life was not a bed of roses. I had to cut my clothes to sew them together so as to get a pad. One day at school my period come and my dress was soaked in blood. I went home. I found my sewn pads had been thrown away by my cousins that we stayed with at my grandmother’s. It was hard. I could not go to school. For three days a month, I could sleep the whole day. I used leaves. It didn’t help. The old rags were no more, so no more school. Every three days of the month… The teachers realized there was a problem. The male teacher saw a weak spot. So, they gave me money for sex so as to get pads. Life was hard. Even my close relatives could rape me now. My grandmother had sent me away. I went to live with my step-mum. Now here I had to saw the rags together. But not for long. At 14 years old, I was pregnant and dropped out of school. I slept in the street. I was a street girl with a little girl. A lady took me in as a house girl (live-in maid). That’s when I met my husband and he took me to train in dressmaking. But then I had a passion that if other girls are going though what I went through, I have to do something. I started making liners but without shields as I did not know how to make them yet. I had an idea that I could donate to orphan girls in church and at home. Then 2014 I met Carrie from the United States and she asked me if I would love a scholarship to go study with Days for Girls. I said “yes Carrie, but on one condition that no writing and reading.” They both told me it’s just sewing, no writing. I was so excited my dream of changing the lifestyle of girls was in my hands. I was crying in the airport not because I was afraid, but because I knew no other girl will have to pass what I went though. I was there. I’m glad I went. My life was never the same. I loved the training even more than the sewing. I thank god for Libby, Vicky, Diva, Diana, and everyone in Uganda for making me feel at peace and at home. The ideas I got have really changed my perspective on girls and their needs. Now I have started three enterprises: Zariel, Butere, Masai Mara, and Bomet. I’m aiming to do great things by changing the lifestyle of girls in Kenya and the world as my life has changed since I left Uganda.

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The Kenya Days for Girls Team

Christine currently employs 9 people to help her with the Zariel Days for Girls Enterprise in Nairobi.


Zariel Team

Christine Khamasi
Lead Ambassador

Bomet Days for Girls Enterprise

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