I knew that whenever I thought of love, it would have a face, a name, a voice.

And I would hear its heart beating from inside a tent in the wilds of Africa.


Our big focus is to build a cultural center on the Maasai Mara to fulfill our mission. The cultural center is going to be built where the tree is in the picture. It will be a lodge plus a place for people to come to be trained. 

The objectives of the cultural center include:·

  • Provide education and protection to the Maasai people, one of the most indigenous tribes in the world.
  • Create a bridge for different communities with different cultures to include education, collaboration, and connection.
  • Create a resource center where communities can learn and inspire one another through educational programs.
  • Create a “Stories Café” where the Maasai can research and document their family’s histories online for future generations.
  • Create a children’s haven where children from the local Maasai community, and children from 100 Humanitarians expeditions can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience learning from each other.

We are looking for investors/partners to build lodging for tourist expeditions.  It will be a profit center for funding 100 Humanitarians.
AND most importantly, it will provide jobs for locals.