It All Starts with the Family

The Business Box for Families

At the heart of 100 Humanitarians International is our Business Boxes for Families program. The Business Box can include any of the following based on assessment of what the family needs:

Cow, Goat, Chickens, Raised Garden Beds, Trees, Water Storage Systems, Water Filters

Josephine the Cow

We have donated 13 cows to families to provide milk for nutrition and to sell to help pay for school fees. Our program includes a “Pay it Forward” idea, where the first cow is donated to another family. The milk from a cow can literally change the economic status of a family in Kenya from poverty to middle class.

Becci Goat & Sarah Goat

Goats provide milk for a family to drink, and also to sell to pay for other essentials. We have donated 11 goats since May 2015, and many of the goats have since had babies. Our goal now is to donate goats in pairs – one for the family to drink the milk, and one to sell the milk to help pay for school fees.

The Bomet Chicken Project

When we met Mercy, she was working as a day laborer in a field, bringing home about $1 a day. Now, she sells the milk from her cow and goat, the eggs from her chickens, and the vegetables from her garden boxes. She also works with the sewing center in Bomet, working on Days for Girls Kits.

Reforesting Project – Planting Trees

Many families cook over open fires in Kenya, but deforestation has become an issue, particularly in the areas we work. We have a long term goal of planting 1 million trees in Kenya, to help change the ecosystem, and bring in rainfall. Your donation will go towards leasing land for tree farms, buying seedlings, and paying laborers.

Water Storage Systems (Catchment)

On our expedition in November 2016, drought conditions on the Maasai Mara were terrible. Our goal was to plant trees and garden boxes, but there was no water to be found. Many cows and goats died from lack of water and disease. In November 2017, we built three water storage systems to see how they worked. And they worked!

Water is critical in Kenya, but clean water can change the health of a community. We have partnered with The Waterbearers as their ambassadors in Kenya, to bring water filters that will provide clean water for 100 people a day for 10 years. The filters can be used with our Water Storage Systems, and are simple for anyone to use.

I traveled to Kenya, Africa this past year in 2017 and what I gained from this experience was perspective. It also humbled me in a way I didn’t realize it could. I left Utah because I was mad at my ex for leaving me for another women. I was mad at the world and I felt lost, what do I do now. I can’t leave because I don’t have money, I dont have time. Well I found the time, I found the money and I left. The people I met, the friends I made and the experience I gained in just 10 days will last me a lifetime. It humbled me in a way that you can’t even describe, you can’t even imagine. You just have to go to Africa to find out.

I found myself in Africa. But what I will tell you is that these families are so grateful to have you come to their homes, they will give you gifts, and food. Maybe even chicken. They will give you something even if they don’t have it to give. The are willing to learn, they are eager to listen. They don’t know what they don’t know. This is why I believe in 100 Humanitarians is because it takes 100 hands to make a difference. We have to work together to change. The more hands and people involved the bigger the impact.


Our Stories

Deep in the heart of 100 Humanitarians are our stories.
Stories of joy. Stories of sorrow. Stories of heartbreak. Stories of fear.
Stories of love. Always love.

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Serve Locally, Give Globally – Quarters for Kids

Serve Locally, Give Globally. In early April, Lori Hildebrand and I did an assembly at Rose Creek Elementary in Riverton, Utah, sharing with them our experiences in Kenya. Lori and her sons are joining 100 Humanitarians International for our June expedition to serve...

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The Start of Self-Reliance

The jeeps rumbled up the mountain, winding on bumpy dirt roads. Out the windows were fields of green interrupted by rectangular dung huts baked hard in the African sun, several of them with brightly colored cloth drying on a fence. Everything was so new to us. Life is...

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