It’s Soul Sunday, and I was just sitting down to write a blog post for the 100 Humanitarians website, when I saw an article with Christine‘s story in it. This is the story that she tells our teams in Kenya, usually the night before we do a workshop at a school or the rescue center we work in. Christine is an Ambassador for Days for Girls, and she is also our Director of Women’s Initiatives in Kenya. She stays very busy!

For a long time, Christine didn’t like sharing this story, and when you read it, you will understand why. As she has shared it over the years, she has learned to understand the power in telling your story, and how it helps others.

Christine is the bravest woman I know, and one of the best friends I have ever had. Plus, half my clothes in my closet now were made by her.  I’m so grateful that at Angella‘s event four years ago we were able to help raise the funds to send her to Uganda to learn how to sew Days for Girls kits. Her team has sewn and distributed over 4000 kits that 100 Humanitarians International has funded since then. It’s a drop in the ocean in Kenya, but it is still a drop, and we will keep going.

Please stop and read Christine’s story. Imagine if this was your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend. I always think, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” Christine’s life is a miracle, and she lived through it, to be able to teach us about connection and humanity. It’s a story of heartache and triumph.

A few years ago, Christine and I were roommates on one of our expeditions. We stayed up half the night giggling and talking and sharing stories. I remember thinking that no matter what our past is, women are absolutely amazing at bonding and finding connection.

To donate a Days for Girls kit each month that is made and distributed by Christine and her team in Kenya, click here and choose “Monthly Donation”