Since our first expedition in May 2016, we have taught Days for Girls workshops in schools, churches, homes, and rescue centers in Kenya. From the streets of Nairobi to the rolling hills of The Mau Forest, we have donated over 3500 reusable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls, including education in hygiene, self-defense, and reproduction. We have helped build and establish two sewing centers, where women in Kenya have become trained Days for Girls Ambassadors, as well as learning sewing and business skills. Because of this, they are able to support their families, and pay for school fees for their children. 

Kenya is the 8th Poorest Country in the World

Many women in Kenya struggle with their monthly menstruation, often resorting to sleeping with men in order to buy sanitary towels. There are just over $51 million people in Kenya, and the median age is 19. Kenya currently ranks 8th on the extreme poverty list, and 11 million Kenyans are currently living below the poverty line. In Narok County, where most of our projects are based, 49% of the county is living in poverty. 

A reusable feminine hygiene kit can last for up to 3 years when taken care of, and can keep a girl in school without missing due to her period. That is a very big deal for girls in Secondary School, where often pregnancy and poverty cause them to drop out. 100 Humanitarians International commits to fundraising for 1000 kits per year, hiring the women and men who work in the sewing centers to make the kits, keeping the economy in Kenya. Each kit is $10, so our annual fundraising goal is $10,000. Every dollar makes a difference! 

Christine Khamasi – Women’s Initiatives Director in Kenya

In this video, you will hear from our Women’s Initiatives Director in Kenya, who also runs the Zariel Days for Girls Enterprise. Her name is Christine Khamasi, and we have worked with her for four years to support her vision for women and girls in Kenya. She comes with us to lead the feminine hygiene workshops on every expedition, and shares her story, which IS the Days for Girls story, with our teams. 

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$1,580 of $10,000 raised

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Our goal for each year is to donate 1,000 Days for Girls reusable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls in Kenya. We fundraise in the U.S. for these kits, because when we employ the women in Kenya to make the kits, we keep the economy in Kenya. There are 20+ families that work in the two sewing centers we support, and our donations allow them to live, and pay their children’s school fees.

Each kit is $10.00, and can last for up to 3 years with proper care. Along with the kit, the girl receives education and training that includes hygiene, self-defense, and reproduction. She is taught to focus on school and not dating, in order to avoid pregnancy. Having a kit has reduced the number of days that a girl misses school due to menstruation dramatically, and in most cases it goes down to 0% absenteeism.

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