Never complete. Never whole.

White skin and an African soul. – Michelle Frost


Each expedition with 100 Humanitarians International is unique! You will spend 10 days on the ground in Kenya, combining humanitarian projects with families and tourist experiences from the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to a majestic safari on the Maasai Mara. Each day you will wake up a little dirtier, and full of gratitude. A day in Kenya feels like a week!

We like to tell people that they will experience two years worth of personal development in less than two weeks. Your heart will be transformed, and all of your senses engaged. This is truly an immersion expedition.

Once you choose to join us, you will go through a complete training, with all of the details you will need to make this the experience of a lifetime. We run three trips per year to Kenya, with a maximum participant number of 21.

Our itineraries change each expedition, based on the humanitarian projects that we choose to take on as a group. They can include garden boxes, water storage systems, training workshops, tree planting, and building homes for families. Many people return for another expedition because of the relationships that they develop with the families we serve.

We begin in The Mau Region of Kenya, in the beautiful highlands, where most travelers never venture. You will experience big cities, dusty and busy towns, lush and gorgeous mountain views, and then we head home to the Maasai Mara, where it is normal to see giraffes and zebras by the side of the road.

We hope to see you on an expedition soon!

Team #Tattoos and Temple Workers

This team was a busy one! With Jenn McMurdo leading out, we decided to build a training center in Bomet, but we were doing it during a time of severe flooding in Kenya, so everywhere we went, there was rain and a lot of mud. Ironically, rain makes mixing cement in Kenya a lot easier. We delivered goats to families, built garden boxes, visited some of our students from the rescue center at their schools, and put garden boxes in Mama Helen’s compound on The Mara next to where the Emparnat Cultural Centre will be built. We also delivered more underwear to the rescue center, and enjoyed a great safari.  

Team Warthog

On this expedition we ran three jeeps for the first time and had 21 travelers with 11 kids. It was amazing. We painted the training center in Bomet, planted thousands of trees in Bomet and Nkareta, hosted a Days for Girls workshop at a school in Nkareta, planted garden towers for the first time with our families and at the school, and put up chicken wire on the fence at the Emparnat Cultural Centre. We were able to visit the rescue center and show the girls how to use the pattern to cut out and sew their own underwear, and at the end of the trip, we drove up north of Nairobi to visit The Mully Children’s Family, and spent a day with them. They have inspired us to plant one million trees in the communities that we are working in, to change the ecosystem and bring in more rain. 


Our entire goal for our tenth expedition to Kenya was to see a rhino. But first, we had a lot of work to do. We started off visiting the Days for Girls Enterprise in Nairobi, where we spent time with the women working on underwear kits. We added on an excursion to Hell’s Gate and the geothermal pools on the way to our first projects, and then spent the next few days building garden towers with 8 families, hosting a Days for Girls workshop, and teaching the families retained heat cooking in the HopeSaCs. We also spent a day at the rescue center, because the girls we sponsor were out of school for the year. We taught first aid and basic mending, as well as a Days for Girls workshop to the new girls. We also attended the opening ceremony for the new water well that was drilled on The Mara. It was an incredible experience. AND, we saw not just one rhino, but THREE of them, along with the rest of The Big Five.