I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life,

because after Africa, nothing has ever been the same. – Suzanne Evans


Each expedition with 100 Humanitarians International is unique! You will spend 10 days on the ground in Kenya, combining humanitarian projects with families and tourist experiences from the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to a majestic safari on the Maasai Mara. Each day you will wake up a little dirtier, and full of gratitude. A day in Kenya feels like a week!

We like to tell people that they will experience two years worth of personal development in less than two weeks. Your heart will be transformed, and all of your senses engaged. This is truly an immersion expedition.

Once you choose to join us, you will go through a complete training, with all of the details you will need to make this the experience of a lifetime. We run three trips per year to Kenya, with a maximum participant number of 21.

Our itineraries change each expedition, based on the humanitarian projects that we choose to take on as a group. They can include garden boxes, water storage systems, training workshops, tree planting, and building homes for families. Many people return for another expedition because of the relationships that they develop with the families we serve.

We begin in The Mau Region of Kenya, in the beautiful highlands, where most travelers never venture. You will experience big cities, dusty and busy towns, lush and gorgeous mountain views, and then we head home to the Maasai Mara, where it is normal to see giraffes and zebras by the side of the road.

We hope to see you on an expedition soon!

Team #VeryDangerousHuh

We decided at the beginning to give every team a name. Some of them have been inside jokes, some have been serious, and some have been based around experiences that happen on the trip. Every expedition is very different, even if we go to some of the same communities to work. On our first trip, we began in The Mau Forest and ended up on The Maasai Mara. We built desks for schools, a kitchen, donated Days for Girls kits at a workshop for a rescue center, and visited a children’s home where we donated soccer balls and equipment. Since this was the first expedition that 100 Humanitarians International took to Kenya, there were a lot of learning experiences that showed us how important it was to really focus on working with families. 

Team Wildebeest

Our second group was very different, consisting of 6 moms and 7 kids. It was a peaceful group, and we went to a new area in Bomet where we visited 5 families. We spent a very sacred afternoon in a hut with a woman who was catatonic. We weren’t sure that she would live out the week. We also donated our first cow as an organization to a widow with five children. She had zero income, and was being supported with food by her mother-in-law and neighbors. The whole community gathered to greet us, and the women sang as we walked down the road with the cow. We identified five students that we could help sponsor with school fees from these families, and now three of them have graduated from Secondary School. 

Team World Peace

We decided to try something unique in the Fall of 2016, and had a groundbreaking concert with Lemarti, Saning’o, Resh Balanga, Jeff Ole Kishau, Stephen Leken, and Ben Nkowua performing at the grounds of the future Emparnat Cultural Center. It was an amazing day, and we had hundreds of people join us for food and a cultural celebration. The performers stayed with us and went on safari. We then visited three rescue/children’s centers in Narok and spent time with the kids, playing and reading and visiting with them. The drought on this expedition was fierce and the dust was terrible. It made us start looking at options for water catchment and filtration systems. The Maasai Mara is an expensive location to drill wells, so we started planning for the future. 


Our 4th team was quite the adventure. We started off at a nightclub outside of Nairobi to help launch Jeff Ole Kishau’s new CD, launched a new area where we visited a market and bought a goat, delivered a cow to a family, hosted a Days for Girls workshop in The Mau, helped break ground on the expansion of Pastor Ben’s church, added Muneria Pesi (John) to our team of warriors, as well as Jonathan Kaelo, who spent a lot of time in the back of the jeep catching up on sleep. We also started the business entity Emparnat Cultural Centre and Emparnat Safaris, so that we could begin the process of building. Oh yes, and we did a video promo! 

The Documentary

We connected with Shaison on Facebook after he created a documentary for a woman in Utah. Shaison is an international filmmaker from India. He joined us on our expedition, and spent most of the time behind the scenes, filming and taking gorgeous pictures. It was fun to have him along, and since then, we have made capturing video a priority for our expeditions.