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About 100 Humanitarians International

What is the power of 100 people working together on any project in the world to create positive change? 

We are a community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals around the world collaborating to create opportunities, both locally and internationally, for self-reliance, education, and economic development. We are committed to sustainable projects that support communities, and preserve the culture of indigenous tribes.

One of our major objectives is to help prevent human trafficking within families by eradicating the practice of Female Genital Mutilation and Early Marriage. 

Our Impact since 2015

Reusable Feminine Hygiene Kits

Garden Towers for Families

Chickens for Families

Water Storage Tanks

HopeSaC Thermal Cookers

Beehives for Honey

Goats for Families

Students Sponsored

Expeditions to Kenya

Soccer Clubs for Boys

Training Centers

Maasai mara Guest House

Our Mission

“To mentor families globally through education and entrepreneurship in an effort to eliminate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional poverty, while preserving culture and tradition.”

Families in Kenya don’t need a handout, they need a hand up. We go a bit deeper by joining hands and teaching each other. We teach families how to leverage their resources through economic development and self-reliance. They teach us about love, gratitude, simplicity, and joy. 

If you arrived here, it’s because you were led here. You know that the best personal development is found when serving others. Our expeditions will take you deep into the heart of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and you will experience two years of personal development in two weeks. Are you ready? 

Our Programs – “The Big Five”

Our programs were all created to teach economic development and self-reliance both in Kenya AND to the participants who join in our expeditions. We have worked with over 400 families since we began hosting expeditions in 2015. Our promise to you, is that when you join us on an expedition or at an event, that you will have a transformational experience that will inspire and motivate you to be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Our Stories

Fueling the heart of 100 Humanitarians are the stories. Stories of joy. Stories of sorrow. 
Stories of heartbreak.

Embarrassing stories. Hilarious stories.

Stories of life-changing experiences.
Stories of love. Always love.

Expedition Stories: Becky Mackintosh Goes to Kenya
Expedition Stories: Becky Mackintosh Goes to Kenya

Becky Mackintosh: Author, Speaker, and Mom of Seven“Do you want to go to Kenya?”  That’s the question my friend Heidi Totten, founder of non-profit 100 Hundred Humanitarians International asked me in 2015. “Duh! YES! Sign me up!”  My first trip to Kenya was in...

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I have been to Kenya 7 times with 100 Humanitarians. On two trips I took my 11 year old daughter with me. I will never be able to properly explain how being involved in these projects have help my life and the life of my family. I can only hope that what I have contributed has helped an ounce of what I have received. My heart will never be there same. I have also made life long friends and connections…which in my opinion is the most important part of Humanitarian work…the people!!!

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